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We offer our guests a wonderful rest in the sauna, which is located directly on the river bank.The two-storeyed wooden house accommodates two saunas at a different number of people. The sauna for the company of 8 persons includes: a banquet room, a room for rest,a shower,a toilet,a steam room, a small terrace with a table and benches. The sauna for 25 persons includes: Jacuzzi, TV,a kitchen,a shower and a toilet on the first floor; a banquet hall,a billiard room, two lounges are on the second floor. For lovers to take baths in the open air there is a tub heated with wood installed on the river bank.

A  large bath up to 25 persons

A  large bath up to 25 persons + jacuzzi

25 EUR/hour

38 EUR/hour

A small bath up to 8 persons 20 EUR/ hour
Aromatic oil 1 pc. 5 EUR
Rent of a  sheet 2,5 EUR
Rent of a  towel 2,5 EUR
A heating bath in the open air 99  EUR/ 3-5. hour
Billiards 5 EUR/hour