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Active recreation

For active outdoor recreation, we offer picnic area and camping, summer pavilion with a fireplace, boat rental and fishing, a playground, a field for soccer (football) and volleyball equipment for games, karaoke and other forms of spending good time. For lovers to take baths in the open air on the river bank there is a tub heated with wood installed. We provide boat with the necessary fishing accessories enthusiasts. On campus there is space for parking trailers.

Picnic area (tables, benches, BBQ) 20 EUR / a day
Camping place 7 EUR/a day
Rent of fishing equipment 15 EUR / a day
Fishing (boat+ fishing tackle) 30 EUR / a day
Fishing (fishing tackle,a boat with the motor, excluding fuel) 40EUR/a day
Summer shelter with a fireplace 7  EUR / an hour
Rent of Grill 10 EUR /a day
A bunch of wood 3 EUR
Rent of a ball for volleyball 3 EUR / a day
Rent  of a “flying saucer” 2,5 EUR /a day
Badminton 3 EUR / a day
Karaoke 15 / 10 EUR / an hour
Rent  of a folding lounge chair 5 EUR /a day
Place for a  trailer 15 EUR /a day
Rent of a boat – hour / day 5  / 30 EUR / 11EUR
Rent of a boat with a motor (including fuel) 15 EUR /an  hour